The Vietnamese Science & Culture Society of Oregon (VSCSO) is a 501(c)(3) community based nonprofit organization dedicated to charitable, scientific and education purposes.

Vietnamese Culture

In our effort to promote and preserve the Vietnamese culture, we have created a Vietnamese language school, the Lac Hong School.  Through these weekly classes, Vietnamese-American youths learn to speak, read, and write Vietnamese, as well as exposure to history, arts, music and literature. Most students range from age 6 to 18. These classes also welcome non-Vietnamese Americans who would like to learn the Vietnamese language.  Classes are held for 2 hours each week on Saturday afternoons during the school year.  A school year consists of 32 weeks of instructions.  We currently have 120 students in the school.  This school will serve the Beaverton / Hillsboro / Tigard / West Portland and surrounding areas.

VSCSO is an active participant in the local community cultural events such as New Year celebration, children Moon Festival, or the building of the community Float for the annual Rose Parade.

Science & Technology

VSCSO uses Lego Robotics to teach students engineering concepts.  Students are trained by volunteers from local technology companies such as Intel, Tektronics, ESI, or IBM.  The goals for the children are to get a taste of the different engineering disciplines ( software, electrical, mechanical, or project management) through the design and programming of Lego robotics.  The children form teams to compete in the national First Lego Robotics tournament, and have fun!  Classes are held at PCC Rock Creek and corporate facilities when available.

Computer classes for adults are also taught by VSCSO volunteers.  Popular software packages such as Internet Explorer, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, or Email programs are taught.  The instructors are technology professionals or students from local Universities.

Technology seminars are scheduled periodically to share ideas and build skills.


VSCSO is currently active in several programs to support the Vietnamese community.  VSCSO is the sponsor of the Lac Hong Boy & Cub Scouts of America and the  Lac Hong Girl Scouts.  We provide the facilities and the financial support for the troops.  VSCSO also support the Students Advocates for Success (SAS) youth group whose goal is to mentor and help local Vietnamese high school students to be successful in their academic studies.


We are staffed entirely by volunteers.  We receive all of our financial donations from individuals, private corporations, or foundations. We are 501(c)(3) IRS exempt and an approved organization of  the Oregon Culture Trust.

promote & Preserve

  • The Vietnamese culture in the American Society
  • Harmony and Cooperation among Vietnamese Americans, especially in the Vietnamese CulturalScience and Technology 
  • Higher education and to mentor our youths in the community
  • Provide a multi-faceted environment where Vietnamese American professionals can exchange ideas, share skills, and participate in the building of a strong Vietnamese community
  • Phát huy và bảo tồn văn hóa Viêt-Nam trong cộng đồng Mỹ
  • Đề xướng và đẩy mạnh sự hòa hợp và cộng tác giữa người Mỹ gốc Việt, nhất là trong lãnh vực văn hóa và khoa học
  • Tạo dựng một môi trường đa diện để người Việt-Nam sinh trưởng ở Mỹ cùng trao đổi ý kiến,trao dồi nghề nghiệp và tương trợ để cùng nhau xây dựng môt Cộng Đồng Viêt-Nam vững mạnh ở hải ngoại
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